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This afternoon I hiked into the eastern woodland to have a fire and bend some bamboo stems.  

I brought along my tinder box, filled with cat tail seeds, charred punky wood, and a ferrocerium rod for creating sparks. The forest yielded some dry grass and twigs that I wrapped around my tinder to form a sort of birds nest that could be lit with a spark.

Yes.. I had a lighter in my pocket, but using a spark is totally hip right now in the artisan-bushcraft community.  

A family of young chickadees came by to see what I was up to. Usually birds around these woods are very timid, but these curious fellows didn’t mind my company. 

A toad fled the scene as the fire grew hotter. 

The spruce bows billowed milky smoke. My cocoon of haze barred the mosquitoes but not the long evening shadows.

Dusk drew near as the fire died down, the stems were bent over the glowing trench, and it was time to head back to the shop.  

Not a bad afternoon at the office. 

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